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Wow, 2017 is almost over. OK.

I am, as ever, really looking forward to Yuletide. And I promise you, I will love whatever you choose to write for me. Thank you, Yuletide Author, and I hope you have a great Fall.

I like slash, het, femslash, polyamorous relationships, sedoretu, whatever. Because it's Yuletide, I'd prefer healthy, happy relationships.

My general interests: world-building. All of the world-building. Found family and building a home with people you care about. Loyalty. Character studies. Language and culture studies. Magic mixed into everyday life. People being super competent at whatever. People being underestimated and then revealing themselves to be super competent (also, people underestimating themselves due to low self esteem and then revealing themselves to be super competent). Secrets being revealed. Pragmatic characters. Characters who have fun with life. Characters who are totally nerds about something.

Also a theme for my requests this year: All of these fandoms are ones I think would be super fun to have an outsiders perspective on.

Do Not Wants: infidelity (although I'm good with happy, consensual polyamorous relationships)

Practical Magic
I really like the idea of everyday magic; magics in soaps and herbals etc is fine and fun. Cooking magic, sewing magic, all that. With Practical Magic, I'd really like to see how a town that's just had confirmation that those weird women on the edge of town really are witches but good ones would deal with that daily magic. Whose coming for little spells, how do the girls handle school where everyone knows they can do magic.

The things I’m most interested in from the Sinbad series: people with different cultures and languages coming together and forming a functional group/found family/deep friendships. I like the bits of mythology in the show and also the idea of magic that is starting to leave the world, to be pushed aside in favor of ‘science’—or possibly just hiding. I also would be interested in more exploration of Sinbad’s original curse—not being able to stay on land for more than a day and what that would mean if they had succeeded in being traders; the possibility that Cook has something strange going on with his own refusal to leave the ship; and post-series what these people end up doing and how they interact.

I’m interested in where this game came from; why it exists. I’m interested in Alan’s life in the jungle—a kid surviving on his own so long is pretty unlikely. And the hunter proves that there are other people there. Is it entirely a part of the game? Or is it like Narnia where the game just takes you to a different real world? Is the jungle in Neverland? The movie sets it up where Alan learns a lesson about family and honesty, etc. But what if the game ended up in the hands of someone who didn’t want to go home? Someone who has a truly bad home life and wants to go somewhere else? A lot of what fascinates me in the movie is how this suburban/small town kid got so incredibly good at surviving in the jungle. Also, the idea of it as a real, functional (magical) place is pretty amazing. Him figuring it out by himself would be great but I'd especially love to see him interacting with others. What if Sarah got pulled in too? How would two kids take care of each other? What would that relationship look like when they grew up? Or if the Sheppards got pulled in instead of getting Alan out...how would he deal with two grief-stricken kids in a dangerous, magical jungle? He did pretty ok with them when he arrived in his only world and lost his hope of finding his family again.

Macdonald Hall
I admit to being recently inspired by the YTV movies about Bruno and Boots and the modern reinterpretation of some of the events. Original era is fun, but the modern interpretation has so much room for variables. Does MacDonald Hall get a GSA? Bruno and Boots are definitely an OTP of mine but I love all of the side characters in the books and I deeply miss the ones that don't show up in the movies (Sidney Rampulsky, walking disaster. And where is the Fish's wife? Because she was amazing) Particularly since the ones that do show up are amazing (Wilbur. WILBUR and making the kid who is so into food a big, strong jock). I also think this would be a really fun series to focus on outside points of view--other boys in the school, teachers, girls at Miss Scrimmages, random people who live in the area--and have the shenanigans of MacDonald Hall running in the background.

Anne of Green Gables
Anne of Green Gables is lovely. I enjoy all the relationships, familial and deep friendship and romantic. I really loved the book that was Anne and Gilbert and all their kids and the way they changed and grew and still loved. And I love Anne, the fantastical imagination and settling into finding beauty in the real world. But I always kind of wanted to bring magic into this world--either as a secret that Anne discovers, or as something that everyone knows about. If you have read Patricia Wrede's Far West series, that's a cool model of blending history with magic. Or steampunk Anne. Or some of the series 'castles in the air' being true. I just want to shake it up a little bit I guess. But I do love the original, so...

Pirates of Dark Water
I honestly don't care, I just desperately want someone to write this. When I was little, the video rental place had 1 VHS that had the first few episodes. And I watched it over and over and never got an ending to the story. So, you know, that. Or Ren growing up. Living with his old guardian in an ancient lighthouse and entertaining himself by being a gymnast or whatever. Or pick an island and explore it . Look: magic, pirates, adventure, mysterious islands with a variety of civilizations...you can't really go wrong.

THANK YOU! May the Yuletide Goat bless your gift.

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I am so excited. I promise, I will love literally anything because Yuletide is amazing.

I have a particular passion for world building and character exploration. I also like magic, people being competent, people taking care of each other, references to mythology and fairy tales, culture and language exploration, and learning new things in general. I enjoy but am not attached to crossovers and AUs, so if you feel like writing one, go for it.

I don't have many squicks, but because it's Yuletide, I'd prefer a happy ending even if things get pretty dark. I'd also prefer happier relationships (not necessarily romantic) and for misunderstandings to be resolved.

Optional details are definitely optional, but here are my wandering thoughts.


A lot of what fascinates me in the movie is how this suburban/small town kid got so incredibly good at surviving in the jungle. Also, the idea of it as a real, functional (magical) place is pretty amazing. Him figuring it out by himself would be great but I'd especially love to see him interacting with others. What if Sarah got pulled in too? How would two kids take care of each other? What would that relationship look like when they grew up? Or if the Shepards got pulled instead of getting Alan out...how would he deal with two grief-stricken kids when he doesn't have the options of being home?

Kubo and the Two Strings
I love this movie, but I had this brief moment of amazement and hope that a heroic journey might actually involve LIVING PARENTS THAT STAY ALIVE. Alas. Anything about Beetle (and Monkey). It was really clear that Kubo's mom was a difficult parent to grow up with and he did a lot of care taking...but it was also clear that she did her best and that she managed to do some amazing stuff too. And yet Monkey definitely had a bit of a different personality. What would the relationship have been like if they survived? How would it have changed the ending? Can you have a heroic journey that ends in a kid being able to relax for a while instead of taking on new responsibilities, or would Kubo have found himself needing more space?

Alice (2009)
The ability and knowledge to travel between two worlds and learning to navigate that shifting would be an awesome but challenging life.
I don't have a lot to say, mostly I'm interested in a post-movie version where Alice and Hatter keep some connection to magic instead of just slotting into her world forever. Negotiations and politics would be lovely.

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle
Clearly a powerful (and possibly sinister) being that has decided to channel their power into societally useful ways. Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, the successor to Baba Yaga. Or something. I did love these stories as a kid, but as an adult there's definitely something a little creepy about some of it, in a delicious way.

Literally anything that puts more fic into this fandom is amazing. Things I love: the exploration of culture, found family, mythology, adventure, quiet moments, magic, competence and confidence, EVERYTHING.

Again, thank you for participating in this challenge, it is my favorite and I will definitely enjoy any story you choose to tell.
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Yuletide is one of my favorite times and I'm really excited about the fandoms I've chosen this year; they're ones I actually have specific ideas for--but if you have a great idea of your own, go for that!.

First, my universal loves: I love world-building of any kind. I'm an anthropology geek and worldbuilding/cultural notes (and sometimes, misunderstandings)/weird linguistics etc really hit me hard in a good way. I also really appreciate people who are super competant and people with strong loyalties.

Not quite bulletproof, but still really fun: I like misunderstandings and underestimations of my favorites, but mostly if they end up resolved. I enjoy angst with a happy ending although bittersweet works too. But I'm also pretty good with happy domestic stuff too. Also, all my prompt ideas are pretty gen, but don't think you have to stick to that.

Onto the specifics!

Andromeda: I haven't actually managed to find all of this, but I've read all the spoilers :). This is one of those sci-fi shows where I really appreciate the potential for world-building and the exploration of different cultures, and I feel like fanfic does a better job than what I've seen of the show. I like Tyr, I like the opportunity to think of a culture that developed a different structure and a different morality--but I'm disappointed that he seems to have just been a bad guy at the end. I don't think he has to agree with the main characters; but I'd really like to see him as moral within his own cultures worldview (and his own culture as being moral in its own way). I'd also be happy for him not to be dead.

Protector of the Small: Keladry is amazing and I love her dearly. What I'm really interesting in exploring more with her though is the whole 2 cultures bit. The books (especially the first) did a decent job but still managed to make it a somewhat smooth transition. What were the bumps--the moments of complete cultural dissonance? What did she miss from the islands, what did she really not? Moving in between two cultures can be really hard, even if the one you move into is your "birth" culture.

Tiffany Aching series: I love Tiffany, she is excellent. I'm wondering more about Preston though, either as a teacher or a doctor, what's it like to court a witch? Maybe to be married to a witch? People seemed to be adjusting to Tiffany as a witch, as something separate from but important to the community...how do the day to day things fit in? Do people admire Preston or pity him? Is he more or less approachable than Tiffany?

Disgaea 4: Fenrich is really my focus here, on the super-competant and extremely-loyal character bit. I'd be pretty happy with anything focusing on him and his relationship to Valvatorez (I lean towards slash but I'd be happy with gen; but he's pretty fanatical either way). I'd enjoy seeing him deal with Valvatorez's fall and how he initially rationalizes to himself that he's serving someone who isn't an all-powerful ruthless vampire lord.

Wreck-It Ralph: I do like Ralph and Vanellope; they have a cute friendship/chosen family vibe that I love; but this is a world I'd be really interested in seeing an AU side to it. Ralph didn't like his 'place' and didn't like how he was treated. And he met Vanellope who seemed to be in a similar position, despised and laughed at, excluded for being different (wrong), and then he took her side and learned a valuable lesson and a bunch of other nice stuff (I do love this movie). But what if Vanellope hadn't been glitched by Turbo? What if she had always been the Queen (Princess?)? Would Ralph have connected to her at all? Would she have been interested in letting him get a medal or would she not have had the empathy that brought them together?

Practical Magic: I really like the idea of everyday magic; magics in soaps and herbals etc is fine and fun. Cooking magic, sewing magic, all that. With Practical Magic, I'd really like to see how a town that's just had confirmation that those weird women on the edge of town really are witches but good ones would deal with that daily magic. Whose coming for little spells, how do the girls handle school where everyone knows they can do magic...could be happy or angsty.

Anyways, I've got ideas about stuff; but mostly I will really love anything you feel like writing in the spirit of Yuletide.


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Basically I like:
1. World building/ cultural exploration
2. Secret sides to characters/events
3. Fantasy
4. Pragmatic characters who believe in ideals but are practical about making them happen

Despicable Me
Optional Details: The girls all grown up and working on their own big dreams. (I really like the idea of a Ballet Shoes inspiration with orphan girls making a pledge to represent their own family in the world and make an impression on it).

In a lot of fandoms, I really enjoy kidfic. Now, I want grown-up fic! I think the girls in these movies are awesome and I'd love to see them working towards their own dreams (which may be a little warped having been raised by an ex-supervillain, his many somewhat inappropriate minions, a government agent, and a crotchety old mad scientist). I think the girls have pretty expressive characters and are going to make fantastic adults. So it could be a (semi) serious introspective on them. Or Margo could become a scientist, Edith a government agent, and Agnes a supervillain or other variations thereupon and I would be super happy then too.

Optional Details: Difficult: I found Hubbell really interesting and sweet and I would have enjoyed seeing him in the show--without losing the strength and power of the female characters.

This could be pre=series or an AU of the series. I really like Michelle's moments of fail interspersed with truly loving dancing. I think her relationship with the girls at the dance studio is awesome. How would that have worked if Hubbell was alive? Would he have encouraged it or would his mother have more problems with the concept if he were alive and she didn't need Michelle's support? Basically, I really enjoy reading about people who are competant at what they do and love doing it, and it's funny when they are not super-competant at other aspects of life, which is what I enjoyed about the show.

Hobbes and Bacon
Optional Details: ANYTHING

I really mean that anything. I adore this series. I love how Calvin obviously still connects to his own childhood and is bringing up his daughter with sympathy, understanding, and a commitment to the fantastic. I like the little hints that he's a comic book artist, that he plays with his food (as does his wife! Is that Susie Derkins?), that Hobbes is going to teach Bacon Calvinball (I'm not convinced if that's her actual name or not. On the one hand, I could see it. On the other, no.) I wonder how Bacon interacts with her grandparents. Basically, MORE HOBBES AND BACON <3

Optional Details: the desert.

I don't even know. I love this game. I love the hints of a civilization gone and a bit forgotten. I love the feeling of solitude, of an individual journey, that could have moments of interaction with other people but really focuses on the self. I like the idea of a culture that sets off on these individual journeys and gains flight and beauty and amazingness.

The Last Unicorn
Optional Details: Schmendrick and the Unicorn. What happens next? Where does everyone go? Alternatively, Molly as a young woman having adventures.

I am intrigued at the idea of Schmendrick staying young until he grows up enough to be able to control his magic (which is my interpretation). But I picked Molly as my only definitive/not optional character because I think she's just a great viewpoint. She's practical and pragmatic but still sees the beauty and joy of the world. I like the idea of what happens next after the story *ends* but it would also be really cool to write about Molly growing up, seeking out adventure before eventually ending up with Captain Cully. I mean, she seems pretty world-weary, but I can't imagine that she didn't go off adventuring as a young woman. Maybe she didn't find unicorns, but I bet she found some amazing stuff anyways.

Thank you for whatever you do! I am always impressed by Yuletide and what people put into it.


Jul. 21st, 2012 12:42 am
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Avatar: the Last Airbender is one of those shows that is really, really good and complete in and of itself. I do not need fic for it, and most of the time I don't really want any. But sometimes I read it anyways, and sometimes I really enjoy it.

Whistling Up a Storm (2225 words) by faviconattackfish
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Kanna/Pakku (Avatar)
Characters: Pakku (Avatar), Yugoda, Kanna (Avatar), Original Characters

After Katara leaves the Northern Water Tribe, Pakku must confront the changes she has wrought.

I like the women in this and the sense of something a long time in coming bursting through.

Eight Principles of Yong (3686 words) by faviconpsocoptera
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Mai/Zuko (Avatar)
Characters: Zuko (Avatar), Azula (Avatar), Katara (Avatar), Iroh (Avatar)

The pen is mightier than the sword, or how Zuko saves the day via the power of good penmanship.

I like the little touches of Chinese calligraphy coming through in the Firebender culture.

Cultural Exchange (303 words) by faviconLavanya_Six
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Katara (Avatar), Aang (Avatar), Sokka (Avatar), Toph Bei Fong

"Katara, what's the best way to get fresh blood out of cotton bedding?"

As well as not needing a lot of fic, I really don't feel any need for genderbending in this universe. But I like the reminder that these four different nations are four different cultures :).
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So I described this to my mother as a fantasy cartoon about the mythical creation of the Book of Kells.

Her response: it sounds perfect for you!

It really is. Irish mythology! Adorable little monk boys! Fairy shapeshifter girls with massively awesome eyebrows! THE BOOK OF KELLS.

It is adorable. Very weird; but adorable.
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Portugal: Awesome.
Teaching: Hard. Really hard. Really really hard. But also awesome.
Kindles: surprisingly awesome.
Broken shift key on your laptop: NOT AWESOME.
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So this is going up pretty late and I apologize. Really I'd just be insanely happy with pretty much anything written in these fandoms.

In general, my kinks are world-building, characters who prove to be more than other people expect/treat them like, bittersweet tones with an edge of hope, fairy tale retellings, and really good anthropology/psychology.

I don't have a lot of squicks. I tend to cringe when characters are embarrassed or humiliated.I'm less interested in sex than character/world/plot development but I don't mind PWPs at all.

Peter S Beagle - The Last Unicorn
I love this story. I'm more familiar with the movie than the book but the whole thing is basically awesome. I love the bittersweetness of it. I love the unicorn who learned a bit of humanity.

Eureka (tv)
Jack Carter
This fandom hits my underestimated/underappreciated character kink pretty hard. Basically, I like stories that show Jack Carter as competant. Not necessarily "smart" the way the scientists around him are, but really, really good at his job. My favorite pairing is Stark/Carter. I have not warmed up to Tess. Zoe is awesome. (Secret fantasy: Carter actually knows something that everything else dismisses as ridiculous--magic exists or something.)

Prince of Persia (2008 game)
BACKSTORY! Especially on the "Prince." He sounds like he led an interesting life before wandering into the desert with a donkey carrying packs filled with treasure.

Terry Pratchett - Nation
I'm not entirely sure what to say here. I like the characters and I'd be happy to see more of them. But I'm also drawn to the alternate history--what events went differently in the world set up by Pratchett before the "present-day" epilogue?.

Thank you!
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Wow but it's been a long time.

I am, in fact, an awesome teacher and teaching is, in fact, an awesome job.

Also, I want a comm that does regular prompts but the only fandoms I feel really confident of writing in regularly are fairy tales and Ranma 1/2.
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So, tonight I had a minor personal crisis. And then I talked myself through it and came to a minor personal revelation. Sort of; it built on some thoughts about myself that have been developing. Anyways, then I felt like sharing, but it felt somewhat awkward to call someone and say, hey I talked myself through a minor personal crisis and now I want to share. Feel free to try and participate in a conversation or to pretend to listen while you read good meta on the internet.

And then I realized: hey, that's what LJ is for.

(Feel to read, ignore, comment with something relevant or with your own rambling story that no one else cares about.

So my personal crisis started when my professor handed back my paper. My second paper in my first graduate class outside of the teacher education department (although still strongly associated with it). My second paper with 100% in my graduate-level linguistics class (oriented towards teacher education). It made me deeply uncomfortable. I came up with a lot of thoughts about my fellow students, classes oriented towards teacher-candidates...etc. This paper was a typical last-minute offering.

And I had to stop and think; I am a good writer. Many people have told me that I am good at analysis. And even if it was a last minute production, I did get into and thought I made some good points. So, why do I feel uncomfortable when I do very well (pretty well I'm OK with. I am unhappy getting less than an A. But I'm uncomfortable getting more than, say a 95).

Here's the thing though, when I did my undergrad in anthropology, I liked it. I mean, really, really liked it. And even if I was extremely tired of school by senior year, I still loved some of my classes. I didn't continue in anthropology. I don't really plan to. And anytime someone asks why, I tell them that while I love the subject and learning about it, I like actually doing it less. And that's true. But part of the truth is also that, doing my thesis and seeing the people around me, I kind of decided that I wasn't that good at it and that maybe I could be better at doing something else. (Something less ivory tower too).

But, if I can handle grad school,if I can do well in it, does that mean that I basically quit something I enjoyed because I was lazy? Could I have done better if I worked harder (the answer is yes, of course). Because, that's not really ok. It also bodes ill for any thing I do, ever.

As I thought it through, I decided I was right both times. Because I was (am) lazy. And I could have done better, maybe a lot better, in anthropology. But I am also missing something that makes great anthropologists. I am a good writer. I am good at research and at analysis and at observations. All key points to anthropology. But I really really suck at asking questions. And that's where it starts falling apart. See, the responses to my papers are often, good analysis, you really make the reader thinks, this part invokes some really interesting questions. But I never get to that next step. I have a lot of trouble coming up with those questions and its not fun. What I needed from anthropology was someone to tell me, hey find out this about these people. And I can do the research and do observations (and I could get better at interviews, really). I can even say, hey, I want to go observe this and then analyze it. But that's not really how a lot of academia works. My comment from my thesis advisor was, your topic is kindof boring. You come up with all the interesting questions at the end and now its too late to answer them. I can't up with the questions (or hypotheses really) to get people interested in funding grants, etc until after I've done the year or two or three of research.

So I think there are probably some jobs where someone wants someone with an anthropology perspective and they'll say hey, go find out all about this or about these people. And that would be cool, would be perfect, except that a lot of the ones I can come up with pull at some ethical issues for me. Maybe I didn't look hard enough because I was feeling a little discouraged, but I'm ok with that (mostly). I think that's part of the reason why, soon after deciding not to pursue anthropology for a while, I got really interested in medical anthropology, particularly within ethnology of beliefs and practices surrounding medicine in different cultures. Because pretty much the most perfect job in anthropology for me would be working with hospitals serving large immigrant (or other forms of cultural diversity) populations. Someone could tell me, hey, go figure out what this new refugee group thinks about disease and doctors. And I could go do it! And I would be serving an awesome cause, making medicine more culturally competant!

But I'm not sure how much work there really is in that. Typically, it seems like a lot of people doing that start from academia, asking interesting questions, coming up with interesting results, and then going to the doctors and saying hey, guess what I found?

Anyway, the point is that I kindof miss anthropology. And I'm a little afraid that leaving it behind makes me less like the kind of person I want to be. But mostly I think that I'm not actually best suited for it. And I really hope that I'll make a way better teacher than I would an anthropologist (and not just because I like talking to kids and adults intimidate me a bit).


Jan. 16th, 2008 12:07 pm
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My mom's writing has been plagiarized!

...by a romance novelist.

Further details to be found at http://wombat1138.livejournal.com/100474.html#cutid2
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I have said the Pledge of Allegiance twice today. Once in Mimbres at the Evergreen Garden Society Meeting and once in Cliff at the school board meeting. It's a little bit of overkill.

There was a high school freshman there reciting poetry he's written and oh my god--he hit every stereotype of Cliff school I could think of. I mean, he got there up in his jeans and his denim shirt, and (I didn't actually see them but I imagine boots) he stuck his thumbs in his belt, cupping the belt buckle, and he spoke with a cowboy sort of drawl as he recite a poem about his brother at the rodeo. He started writing 'cause his dad listened to country all the time and he just wanted to see if he couldn't write down his own stories. It was adorable. And good--very good poetry and his mom was there advocating for the school to bring drama back to the high school and he was there partly because he'd there started a writing club. It was awesome.
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So there's the anime. It's called Desert Punk. It's kindof disgustingly rude and crude. It has a girl with breasts bigger than her head who gets called Boobie Lady a lot. It's amoral and pervy in that weird Japanese way--and I think I love it. It has a live action opening. And the best ending song ever. I...I'm a little ashamed.
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PBS is showing a documentary right now on how poison used to make zombies may be useful for space travel.

I'm reading a year's worth of shonen jump and PBS is weirding me out.

Also I can't decide if Numbers doing a live action MMORG turned murderous is better or worse than House being recruited by the CIA.

In other news, I have just been recruited to make up a forestry presentation and then present it this Friday. To my brother's old 4th grade teacher. Who recognized me the moment I walked into her classroom in spite of the fact that I never went to Jose Barrios. I'm not sure I have the psychic powers necessary to become a teacher. Also Thursday I have to be in Mimbres at 1 and Cliff at 7 and there are at least three other things I need to do, all of which means I have to make up this forestry presentation tomorrow. Probably while I'm at the museum since we have a training on the Gila River Discovery trunks tomorrow morning (also, they've just realized their grant ends at the end of November, so they have to try and do all their presentations by then in spite of the fact that they haven't completely put together their presentations). And I am applying to NAU (which actually wants a 500 word essay titled "Why I Want to be a Teacher"--presumably to prepare you for reading essays on How I Spent Summer Vacation), Deming school systems (who want a hand-written essay on why I want to teach in Deming--because they are wily, crafty people), and UNM (who claim they only want a letter of intent to the department but actually mean they want an essay on: experiences that have served as a foundation for your work, how your interest in the field developed (avoiding personal, extracurricular or family background), how you planned academically for your goal, your undergraduate degree in general and your major in specific, any achievements and/or learning experiences that demonstrate motivation and inspiration (including but not limited to independent study courses, research conference presentations, internships, education abroad, closely related work experience, etc), and my qualifications in relation to my goal, "special" academic experiences, special projects that indicate ability to explore or master certain skills or knowledge, demonstrate the initiative and ability to develop ideas, the capacity to work through problems independently, and the determination to achieve goals, as wells as any special skills like computer or foreign languages, explain why I want to attend the program, how the department's curriculum matches my short and long term academic and career goals, show evidence I've investigated the program, the faculty and their research as well as resources and facilities, and how my interests match with the research interests of one or more faculty, THEN summarize why I believe I should be admitted to the program. Cutting out redundancy, of course.)

Seriously. UNM's prompt for a letter of intent is longer than the two other essays I have to write combined.

Also I'm going to Animas in December to teach middle and high schoolers about animal skulls. $150 a piece animal skulls.
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Also I need new icons. Ideas?
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Our website is fixed up and pretty now! gcecnm.org is incredibly much better than it was.

On the other hand, we have no volunteers. Even people who have worked with us before are suddenly refusing to answer back. It is getting very frustrating. I may have to resort to desperate measures. Next week.

Tomorrow I head to Roswell, for a fairly ceremonial event for AmeriCorps.

Home is awesome. Cold and prone to skunks, but still. Awesome.

I've never had a job with downtime before. It's really weird. I'm used to having a task at all times, and possibly one or two things waiting as well. Now, I keep hinting that I could use something else to do and my boss keeps taking that as "We should reorganize and prioritize what I've already given you to do!" I don't understand it at all. I yearn to be productive and people keep blocking me!

Possibly I could get more creative in finding things to do, but I find myself checking my friend's page daily for the first time in, umm, ever, and actually typing up some of the stuff that's been hanging around in crumbling notebooks. So I'm going with that for a while.
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So I have a new job, at the Gila Conservation Education Center helping to run their "trunk education" program. It looks like it is going to be a lot of fun.

One tiny problem though. Their website is really bad. I mean, writing running into the dark green background and non-existent links. I, somewhat roundabout and quiet, brought up the question of if they were going to have someone fix it (I would. Seriously.). My supervisor said it's not a priority. They use the page editor the host provides them and last time the format got screwed up. It doesn't matter really. As long as the information is there, that's all he cares about. I wanted to cry. I mean I sort of respect his point. Except that presentation is important. It totally does represent you to the rest of the world. And maybe the people they're trying to reach most don't use internet, but I have formed opinions about institutions related to the user-friendlyness and design of their web pages. I have. I know people that do. It's not totally a non-issue.

I don't like to think of myself as elitist. But maybe I am. Just a bit.
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I'm always kind of mildly terrified when people start overestimating my experience.

I've started volunteering for the Silver City museum--although they keep calling me an intern. I'm wondering if I can get like a job description or something from them. Anyways, I got into the museum mostly based on the fact that the woman who runs the museum has worked with both my parents and loves them dearly. Seriously, I didn't even give them a resume. They are giving me projects based on experience they've heard about from my parents.

Anyways, I did say that I was interested in maybe going into museum education after I get a teaching degree. The Silver museum does not have anyone doing education. Projects discussed before I started including digitizing collections and sorting through newspaper clippings. But they're really nice and because I have a background in education, the project I currently have is going through their education outreach trunks. The kits they send out to teachers, mostly just stuff along a theme but with the goal of having some sort of curriculum. Inventory is fine. I can do that. I don't always know what everything is (I had to look up the weird metal object to learn it was called a trivet for example) but I can handle it. Being told to make them better--ideas on what to add to the trunks, fixing up more of a curriculum, etc--that's a little more intimidating. Offhandedly being told that they want another trunk on mining and maybe I can put that together later reaches into the mildly terrifying. I know nothing about mining! Very little about curriculum and lesson plans! Eep!

Still, this is pretty much exactly the field I'm considering so its probably one of the most awesome projects I could get at the museum. I just wish I could have held it off until I'd started work with the Gila conservation education center and actually had a chance to look at their trunks.
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I felt really homesick today for one of the first times in a while.

The area I'm in now is one of those just on the edge of a growing Hispanic population. As in, there's not many people (of any ethnicity) moving into our failing logging town, but 15 minutes down the road the agricultural-based tiny town has a fairly large Spanish-speaking population.

Today, one of the girls I've worked with, a sweet girl, always listening and helping and being nice, turned around to one of her co-actors and asked "So why are there so many Mexicans in Mossy Rock anyways?" And then it went into a conversation on how ridiculous it was that the teachers were trying to make them say "Hispanic" (complete with rolled eyes) instead of Mexican. This was from one of the high school girls who was helping to lead the group.

And in some ways this incident has helped me clarify something that's been bugging me all year. So I know racism is everywhere, and New Mexico isn't paradise. Therefore I've been working hard to understand why every small comment whether it was about "those Mexicans" or a joke about low-rider vans because that's the kind of car "they" all drive, or the big things like when a 14 year old boy called one of his girl friends a "N---"; why all of these things made me want to run back to New Mexico. I mean, part of it was just going home, because I grew up around very well-educated liberals, but there was something more too.

I think the something more is the history and the connection. The idea that kids who make comments about Mexicans are actually going to have to face somebody who is personally offended and not just deal with some interfering busybody. The idea that Chicano Lit is important to study and the Latino vote is important in the country. And even if New Mexico fails so badly at bilingual education, at least it's up there in people's minds.

Anyways that's where I am. Also, I'm kind of ridiculously excited because a girl in my theater group who refuses to speak at all was actually giving me nods and head shakes to questions today. Yay! A response!
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