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Basically I like:
1. World building/ cultural exploration
2. Secret sides to characters/events
3. Fantasy
4. Pragmatic characters who believe in ideals but are practical about making them happen

Despicable Me
Optional Details: The girls all grown up and working on their own big dreams. (I really like the idea of a Ballet Shoes inspiration with orphan girls making a pledge to represent their own family in the world and make an impression on it).

In a lot of fandoms, I really enjoy kidfic. Now, I want grown-up fic! I think the girls in these movies are awesome and I'd love to see them working towards their own dreams (which may be a little warped having been raised by an ex-supervillain, his many somewhat inappropriate minions, a government agent, and a crotchety old mad scientist). I think the girls have pretty expressive characters and are going to make fantastic adults. So it could be a (semi) serious introspective on them. Or Margo could become a scientist, Edith a government agent, and Agnes a supervillain or other variations thereupon and I would be super happy then too.

Optional Details: Difficult: I found Hubbell really interesting and sweet and I would have enjoyed seeing him in the show--without losing the strength and power of the female characters.

This could be pre=series or an AU of the series. I really like Michelle's moments of fail interspersed with truly loving dancing. I think her relationship with the girls at the dance studio is awesome. How would that have worked if Hubbell was alive? Would he have encouraged it or would his mother have more problems with the concept if he were alive and she didn't need Michelle's support? Basically, I really enjoy reading about people who are competant at what they do and love doing it, and it's funny when they are not super-competant at other aspects of life, which is what I enjoyed about the show.

Hobbes and Bacon
Optional Details: ANYTHING

I really mean that anything. I adore this series. I love how Calvin obviously still connects to his own childhood and is bringing up his daughter with sympathy, understanding, and a commitment to the fantastic. I like the little hints that he's a comic book artist, that he plays with his food (as does his wife! Is that Susie Derkins?), that Hobbes is going to teach Bacon Calvinball (I'm not convinced if that's her actual name or not. On the one hand, I could see it. On the other, no.) I wonder how Bacon interacts with her grandparents. Basically, MORE HOBBES AND BACON <3

Optional Details: the desert.

I don't even know. I love this game. I love the hints of a civilization gone and a bit forgotten. I love the feeling of solitude, of an individual journey, that could have moments of interaction with other people but really focuses on the self. I like the idea of a culture that sets off on these individual journeys and gains flight and beauty and amazingness.

The Last Unicorn
Optional Details: Schmendrick and the Unicorn. What happens next? Where does everyone go? Alternatively, Molly as a young woman having adventures.

I am intrigued at the idea of Schmendrick staying young until he grows up enough to be able to control his magic (which is my interpretation). But I picked Molly as my only definitive/not optional character because I think she's just a great viewpoint. She's practical and pragmatic but still sees the beauty and joy of the world. I like the idea of what happens next after the story *ends* but it would also be really cool to write about Molly growing up, seeking out adventure before eventually ending up with Captain Cully. I mean, she seems pretty world-weary, but I can't imagine that she didn't go off adventuring as a young woman. Maybe she didn't find unicorns, but I bet she found some amazing stuff anyways.

Thank you for whatever you do! I am always impressed by Yuletide and what people put into it.
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