May. 6th, 2007

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New pics start on page 4; canoing trip, walk with Amanda and Andrew Rome and Sakuracon!

Embed media? Does that mean I can make my posts play music? We live in a wacky new world. Someone was telling me the other day that some cars have breathalyzers attached to them so that you can't start the car if you're drunk or something. Next up will be flying cars. Or at least it should be. Flying cars that don't require gas. Seriously, its up to about 3.50 here. It makes me feel sad and grown-up.

Kim got a new bird, a little cockatiel called Chico. I don't really like pet birds because I always feel so sorry for them. Same reason it would be hard for me to have a fully indoors cat, I guess. Plus, this little guy seems so unhappy with being in a new surrounding with new people. I guess the woman Kim got him from had him for 6 months (possibly it was actually weeks) and her son had him for like 8 months before that. Poor little boy, getting passed around like that all the time.

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