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Thank you for whatever you do. I love this challenge and I love the responses and I love how unexpected the fics can turn out while having such an amazing quality.

Ultimately, my love lies in world-building. Talk to me about culture, about the deep ways of magic, about the anthropology of the story--what people value and believe and do (and especially the stories they tell) and I will fall all over myself.

I also really like: people being competent, bittersweetness but with an ultimate sense of at least the possibility of a happy ending, people learning about each other in positive ways

Rainbow Brite
All of Rainbow Brite is cute and excellent and fun. But my favorite is the first movie; the sense that there was this world and culture and people there before Wisp came; I mean, the Color kids were there, imprisoned, and the Sprites were there hiding, and Starlight was there, frozen. They were all just there waiting...and there were legends that kept giving them all hope...and then Wisps comes (and where did she come from?). it's like something happened and the world had to be restarted...like the Norse legends of Ragnarok, when the old gods die in preordained battle and their children rise up into a world made new again...cyclical mythology. And Wisp has a few lines that really make you think she was sent to do all this by some all-knowing power.
On the other hand, something set later could be pretty fun too...especially wrapped around the idea that the Color Kids might look like kids, but they're soemthing other than human.

Prince of Persia (2008)
I've requested and in fact received this fandom before and I need to say that I really, really loved the gift!fic I got for it; it wasn't something I could even really conceptualize on my own. But I still want more in this. Waiting impatiently for the sequel that might never be, I'd love for the "more" to involve what happens next...where do the Prince and Elika end up? I'd also love more about the Prince from before the game starts. He's...interesting to me. Also, he reminds me somewhat of Tiger from the Tiger and Del series and I love Tiger with a passion unmatched by any character. :)

Terra Nova
I barely even registered the existence of this show until I read a Buffy crossover; what I really want in this fandom is the people being competent bit mentioned above. This group has been given the opportunity to create a new world...and they're thinking really hard about the mistakes made by the old one. Taylor's speech about a new beginning was awesome, but obviously that's not the function of an action-adventure show. I want to see the little things as they settle into the idea of taking the best of what humanity has done before and learning from the mistakes. Alternatively, do they have any plan in mind for the (very) eventual extinction level event that ended the dinosaurs (at least, the big ones that didn't turn into birds)?

Chronicles of Elantra
It's hard for me to think about what I want in this. Sagara hits a lot of my world-building kinks and I love Kaylin's May-Sue ridiculousness. I understand why the author is taking the relationship aspect slow...but seriously, I want Severn to end up with Kaylin. So that would be sweet. Some of the other hints, like the suspicious (and slightly melancholy to me) pause when Kaylin asked if the Barrani had ever loved life...that would be really interesting. The Leontine out on the plains--with some instincts of lions but the culture and stories of a tribal people...that would also make a fascinating story.

Again, thanks for taking on this challenge. I know I'll end up loving whatever story you enjoy telling.

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