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Our website is fixed up and pretty now! gcecnm.org is incredibly much better than it was.

On the other hand, we have no volunteers. Even people who have worked with us before are suddenly refusing to answer back. It is getting very frustrating. I may have to resort to desperate measures. Next week.

Tomorrow I head to Roswell, for a fairly ceremonial event for AmeriCorps.

Home is awesome. Cold and prone to skunks, but still. Awesome.

I've never had a job with downtime before. It's really weird. I'm used to having a task at all times, and possibly one or two things waiting as well. Now, I keep hinting that I could use something else to do and my boss keeps taking that as "We should reorganize and prioritize what I've already given you to do!" I don't understand it at all. I yearn to be productive and people keep blocking me!

Possibly I could get more creative in finding things to do, but I find myself checking my friend's page daily for the first time in, umm, ever, and actually typing up some of the stuff that's been hanging around in crumbling notebooks. So I'm going with that for a while.

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