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I'm always kind of mildly terrified when people start overestimating my experience.

I've started volunteering for the Silver City museum--although they keep calling me an intern. I'm wondering if I can get like a job description or something from them. Anyways, I got into the museum mostly based on the fact that the woman who runs the museum has worked with both my parents and loves them dearly. Seriously, I didn't even give them a resume. They are giving me projects based on experience they've heard about from my parents.

Anyways, I did say that I was interested in maybe going into museum education after I get a teaching degree. The Silver museum does not have anyone doing education. Projects discussed before I started including digitizing collections and sorting through newspaper clippings. But they're really nice and because I have a background in education, the project I currently have is going through their education outreach trunks. The kits they send out to teachers, mostly just stuff along a theme but with the goal of having some sort of curriculum. Inventory is fine. I can do that. I don't always know what everything is (I had to look up the weird metal object to learn it was called a trivet for example) but I can handle it. Being told to make them better--ideas on what to add to the trunks, fixing up more of a curriculum, etc--that's a little more intimidating. Offhandedly being told that they want another trunk on mining and maybe I can put that together later reaches into the mildly terrifying. I know nothing about mining! Very little about curriculum and lesson plans! Eep!

Still, this is pretty much exactly the field I'm considering so its probably one of the most awesome projects I could get at the museum. I just wish I could have held it off until I'd started work with the Gila conservation education center and actually had a chance to look at their trunks.

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