Nov. 13th, 2007

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PBS is showing a documentary right now on how poison used to make zombies may be useful for space travel.

I'm reading a year's worth of shonen jump and PBS is weirding me out.

Also I can't decide if Numbers doing a live action MMORG turned murderous is better or worse than House being recruited by the CIA.

In other news, I have just been recruited to make up a forestry presentation and then present it this Friday. To my brother's old 4th grade teacher. Who recognized me the moment I walked into her classroom in spite of the fact that I never went to Jose Barrios. I'm not sure I have the psychic powers necessary to become a teacher. Also Thursday I have to be in Mimbres at 1 and Cliff at 7 and there are at least three other things I need to do, all of which means I have to make up this forestry presentation tomorrow. Probably while I'm at the museum since we have a training on the Gila River Discovery trunks tomorrow morning (also, they've just realized their grant ends at the end of November, so they have to try and do all their presentations by then in spite of the fact that they haven't completely put together their presentations). And I am applying to NAU (which actually wants a 500 word essay titled "Why I Want to be a Teacher"--presumably to prepare you for reading essays on How I Spent Summer Vacation), Deming school systems (who want a hand-written essay on why I want to teach in Deming--because they are wily, crafty people), and UNM (who claim they only want a letter of intent to the department but actually mean they want an essay on: experiences that have served as a foundation for your work, how your interest in the field developed (avoiding personal, extracurricular or family background), how you planned academically for your goal, your undergraduate degree in general and your major in specific, any achievements and/or learning experiences that demonstrate motivation and inspiration (including but not limited to independent study courses, research conference presentations, internships, education abroad, closely related work experience, etc), and my qualifications in relation to my goal, "special" academic experiences, special projects that indicate ability to explore or master certain skills or knowledge, demonstrate the initiative and ability to develop ideas, the capacity to work through problems independently, and the determination to achieve goals, as wells as any special skills like computer or foreign languages, explain why I want to attend the program, how the department's curriculum matches my short and long term academic and career goals, show evidence I've investigated the program, the faculty and their research as well as resources and facilities, and how my interests match with the research interests of one or more faculty, THEN summarize why I believe I should be admitted to the program. Cutting out redundancy, of course.)

Seriously. UNM's prompt for a letter of intent is longer than the two other essays I have to write combined.

Also I'm going to Animas in December to teach middle and high schoolers about animal skulls. $150 a piece animal skulls.
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So there's the anime. It's called Desert Punk. It's kindof disgustingly rude and crude. It has a girl with breasts bigger than her head who gets called Boobie Lady a lot. It's amoral and pervy in that weird Japanese way--and I think I love it. It has a live action opening. And the best ending song ever. I...I'm a little ashamed.

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